Welcome to the gambling den! Here you can play a lot of great games when you have free time. And all of them are somehow different from what you have known up to now. Have you ever driven a carrera track with muscle power? Mastered a QR code hunt? Or experimented with a microwave? Just! So it's time you showed up with us. In the gambling den you will find games that all have something to do with technology / communication or science. And so that you also understand how everything works, this is explained at every game post.


 Anyone who enjoys playing can take part. Sometimes just for two or as a group. And so that small competitions can also be held, we keep a ranking list. You can just drop by without registering.



Every participant stands at one side of the playing field. Each player has a joystick with which they can run the fans on their side of the playing field. Now the foam ball must be blown together through the maze stuck on the playing field. If the ball falls off the track, they start again from the beginning. Which group reaches the goal in the shortest time?


You can drive your car through the Carrera track without having an accident. You are driven by a hand crank dynamo, the car is driven faster or slower by cranking. Whoever crosses the finish line first is the winner. Learn how a dynamo is constructed and how it works. Create your own energy with your muscle power and the dynamo.


2 participants, no game leader.


10-20 minutes






Put the electric dominoes together in the correct order and a lamp will light up. Who can do that in the shorter time?




Fold a paper ship with a sail that swims as quickly and easily as possible. Race with another pathfinder - which ship can be blown to the finish faster? Find out how the wind can best propel the ship.



2 participants, 1 game master.




In pairs, learn and use the exact description of the move, radio technology.



2 participants, no game master.


Find out how electricity works, experiment with electricity and eat Wienerli.


The 4 participants try to heat up a Wienerli with electricity, wire, electrical tape and a fork under supervision. Followed by a joint test meal.



Promote creative and logical thinking, develop the ability to combine


Can you manage to puzzle the 9 squares into the template so that all pictures are complete and color-matched? A lamp lights up on the edge for each correct part inserted. Who is the fastest to combine?




The hot wire is only for calm hands. Guide the wire loop neatly around the wire logo without the two wires touching each other. When touched, a bell rings and you have to start over. Who can get on the hot line in less time?



Would you like to solder a creative sculpture or a small robot together? We provide you with discarded electrical devices that you can disassemble to your heart's content and solder your own, hand-sized figure from them.




Find your way through the laser beams in the shortest possible time. And don't touch a laser beam!


Try to direct the laser beam to the target using a mirror, get to know reflections and lasers



What happens to a CD in the microwave? Or a potato? Can you melt copper in a microwave? We will get to the bottom of some of these questions in this experiment - be part of it!

Outdoor games

These games take place outside the gambling den. However, participants must log into the gambling den in order to take the activity.


Visualize and understand the Doppler effect


 Have you ever noticed that a passing police siren sounds different when it moves away from you? Why is that? This is exactly what you can try out here and make it visible on the computer.

QR Code Hunting



A game for everyone, in which NFC cards or QR codes are searched for and collected with the smartphone.




Look for the characters in the jungle book in the campsite. Scan the QR code / NFC code. Who is the fastest to find all jungle animals?




You can make phone calls with light and not just give signals - did you already know that? We have built a spy phone that converts the sound waves of the human voice into light waves. Try it - can you convey the message to each other?

Pacman game

Pacman instead of on the computer in the open meadow - that's scouting. In pairs you try to find all the coins in your color in the labyrinth in front of the other group. But be careful: the Pacman actor is blindfolded and is only "controlled" by the other player outside the field via radio. Can you do it?

Various games, all of which have something to do with technology / communication, can be played on site. There are also two activities that take place as a guard run on the camp grounds. Instructions and material can also be borrowed from the play den.



Do you fancy a sporty fox hunt? Small transmitters are hidden in the area that have to be searched for with direction finders. Similar to the direction finding devices that are used to locate wild animals carrying transmitters. The game is comparable to an orienteering run. After you have been introduced to the bearing technique, you will start in two groups. Who will find all channels / foxes first? All participants from wolf level can take part in a group of max. 12 people. Duration of the game: 2 hours


Help - many small UFO's crashed over the storage area! Fortunately, we have the technology to find them. In this game, 2 teams compete against each other. So that the crash points can be precisely drawn on a map and the search can be coordinated, a team captain from each group sits in the radio office. He coordinates his teammates, who use radio and avalanche devices to search for the crashed UFO ’on the camp site. Which team was the first to find all the UFO's and collect the code for the treasure chest? 2 teams of at least 6 people from wolf level can take part. The game lasts around 2 hours.