Create your own digital avatar scout. Scouts and Pios have the option of creating their own personal digital avatar in a few simple steps in a bookable 2-hour studio. This avatar serves as the basic basis for recording a video, for example, in which the participant can dance to his favorite song with his avatar.



In contrast to the guided studio, walk-in times should be used freely to deal with digital topics. They also serve as an advertising platform for the RISC. For example, a visitor can take a virtual tour of the BuLa, record their own 60 second radio appearance, watch a film and much more.


Here you will be shown what the iota joti is and how you can participate.


- International meetings

- Promote creativity

- Learning by showing and explaining


At the end of the 2h studio, each participant should have created their own personal digital avatar, which is saved on the mobile phone. So it can be taken home, shared with Scout friends, etc.


Pfadi photo as another product of the At.



The creativity (heart) should be activated and the participant should be introduced to the digital possibilities of modern graphics processing in a playful way. Ideally, it promotes the knowledge that a lot of image processing and manipulation is now possible digitally very quickly. Create awareness that a digital image should always be critically questioned and does not always have to correspond to reality.

Wölfli Kajuki

Pfadi Jaffa

Pio Hinata

Rover Mirakulix