Maker Workshop



What does "curiosity" mean, now that is "curiosity" something that is in all of us.


Yes, and then what is "Curiosity is the genesis of every science" well that is our moto "Curiosity is the source of every science"



Now curious enough?


Then come with us on an adventure trip where there are many exciting things to discover and experience.

Under the expert guidance of the tour guide, you will assemble the "Curiosity" electronics kit specially developed by Science Scout for BULA in our workshop. You will experience step by step how "Curiosity" is brought to life. You will also learn how it all works in detail.


You also have the option of programming your «Curiosity» with text and images according to your wishes.


 So when you leave our workshop you are the proud owner of a «Curiosity». How can it continue?

Hopefully the adventure journey has only just begun for you and your «curiosity». If you decorate the decorative wooden housing creatively according to your ideas by the end of 2022 and send us a photo of it, you will take part in a competition. Your photo will be published on the Science Scout website, while visitors to our site will then have the opportunity to vote.


The Internet site associated with the “Curiosity” is intended to encourage people after the BULA to pursue their own software and hardware projects with this kit, depending on their age and ability. That's why you'll find all the important hardware and software files on this as open source files.

At the same time, "Curiosity" forms the basis for future projects in connection with JOTA/JOTI and Maker Scout activities.


If you've got the desire to travel and the adventure of science and scouting, but you don't want to travel alone, then simply contact Science Scout's adventure travel agency


The Science Scout group consists of scouts who deal with technology and science. Science Scout is currently being set up with the aim of supporting children, young people and adults with or without a scout background in the field of science. If there is enough interest, we plan to convert this group into a club with the same name. This is to ensure that the idea lives on. So we're looking for scouts like you. All you need is curiosity and enthusiasm. Join us for more exciting adventures.


 Responsible: Daniel Bossy, v/o Rodeo, HB9EUB, Mathias Nyffeler, v/o Skippy, HB3YRX